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Hard Drive Data Recovery Experts

By Hemanth kumar | Dec 21, 2017

Hard Drive Data Recovery Experts

If your lost hard drive data don't panic we can recover,if we can't recover than no charge policy.A failed hard drive isn’t something you should trust an IT guy or computer repair shop.Hard drives are one of the most complicated parts of your computer.It requires a lot of specialized and expensive dedicated equipment to successfully extract data from a failed hard drive. If your hard drive is clicking, not being recognized in BIOS/UEFI, or you have any reason to expect it may have failed, go straight to a data recovery lab.Our company uses state of the art data recovery systems such as PC-3000 Express, Deepspar Disk Imager, and countless other professional tools designed specifically for failed hard drive recovery.We perform all hard drive recovery right here in Hyderabad,including all clean room procedures.

We have experts proficient in data recovery from all brands of hard drives including:

  1. Seagate
  2. Western Digital
  3. Samsung
  4. Hitachi / HGST
  5. Toshiba
  6. Maxtor
  7. IBM
  8. Fujitsu
  9. Quantum

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