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Logical vs Physical Data Recovery

By Hemanth kumar | Nov 14, 2017

data backup and recovery

Generally, There may be many reasons for the hard disk to fail. Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Dropped your external hard disk or your laptop
  • External hard drives are generally damaged to being dropped, and this specific one was no exception. whereas new drives have accelerometers designed into them to mitigate fall damage, when a hard drive is dropped, the results tend to be fatal. The drive failed, and the client brought it to us for our dropped hard drive data recovery services.

  • Your hard drive has been failed as a result of a unregulated power
  • Unregulated power is a major cause of hard disk failure.This results in the burning of PCB on the hard drive.a data recovery technician would repair the original circuit board and the replace the power component using special tools. The disk has to be edited manually to recover the data from the corrupted partition.

  • Logical hard disk failure
  • Logical hard disk failure happens when it became inaccessible fue to virus attacks. this failure is responsible for recoding the bad sectors and error correction, fails. Due to this the access of the data on the hard disk may extremely slow down or some times hard disk is completely inaccessible. This type of data recovery is less complex and recovered more quickly.

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